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Summer 2018

The Eco Warriors have been very busy this term!
We are pleased to announce that their hard work has been recognised at the recent Leicester Eco Schools/Food for Life celebration event, when Shaftesbury won the “Judges’ Choice” award!
We were very impressed by how confidently and enthusiastically the Eco Warriors spoke to a range of judges and pupils. Well done Eco Warriors!

Litter and Recycling
In April, several of our Litter and Recycling Warriors were able to attend the “Great British Clean Up” celebration event at the Houses of Parliament, London. This was a fantastic recognition of all the hard work that our Litter Warriors demonstrated in the Leicester LitterLess litter pick in March, when over 200 bags of litter were collected.
Our Litter Warriors have helped to spread the message of why it is important to pick up litter and how they helped the local area, by sending a letter to local residents and parents.
Here’s some of the letter:
“Hello, we are pupils at Shaftesbury Junior School and we are writing to you about litter. We have been on a litter pick with our school and local police. It took one whole hour and a bit to pick up the litter, as a result we have picked up 12 bags of litter at the car park near Westcotes Health Centre. We did it with loads of other schools and we collected OVER TWO HUNDRED BAGS!
We want you to help us pick up some litter from around your area and wherever you go. Thanks”

Our Energy Warriors are still working hard to encourage everyone at school to switch off lights and appliances when they are not in use. So far, we have saved over £216 on electricity compared to before our work on energy saving started. Well done and keep up the good work!
Our Eco Warriors say: “Remember to switch off lights and standby lights at home too- you can save energy and money for all your family!”

Food and Fairtrade
Our Food and Fairtrade Warriors held an assembly and Fairtrade “Food Tasters” stall to celebrate Fairtrade Week. They raised awareness of why Fairtrade is important and the difference making small changes in buying Fairtrade products whenever possible can make.
Work on Healthy Schools and Happier Lunchtimes continues; we now have a different theme for every lunchtime with Murmuring Mondays, Top-Table Tuesdays, Watching Wednesdays and Funky “Fursdays” Thursdays and Free-Sit Friday.
We held a ‘Design a Healthy Lunchbox’ competition and all pupils are reminded of things that make healthy lunchboxes by pictures in the dining hall.

Gardening and Biodiversity
Our Outdoor Learning area is now complete! We have made bee hotels to join the ‘Grand Bug Hotel’ and smaller bug hotels, and have planted a range of bee-friendly plants to encourage pollination.
Our school planting work has continued; Year 6 have been growing seeds, Year 5 have been planting sunflowers from seed (which are now planted in our Outdoor Learning area!) and Year 3 have been growing broad beans from seed.
We have also been looking after our school garden- we have harvested strawberries, rhubarb and broad beans so far! We look forward to cooking with them at the end of term.

Eco Code
Spring 2018
It has been a busy term so far for the Eco Warriors.

The Energy Warriors are working on saving energy around the school and encouraging their classmates to switch off lights and computers when they are not in use.

Food and Fairtrade
The Food Warriors have visited the local Real Junk Food Project where they learnt about food waste and what we can do about it locally. Each year, over 55,000 tonnes of food waste is thrown away in Leicestershire! They also tasted a range of yummy, healthy food from recipes that they could try and use at home, such as curry, vegetable crisps and chocolate covered bananas.
We have also been looking at how we can make healthier choices in the food we eat at school and at home. This year, the Food Warriors are tackling sugar, and are thinking about healthier food swaps that we can make in our food choices.

Litter and Recycling
The Litter and Recycling Warriors are preparing to take part in the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign, and we are excited to be one of only 15 schools in England to be taking part in this international litter awareness day! In school, all pupils will be taking part in writing persuasive letters to Michael Gove MP, the Environmental Secretary, about the dangers of litter. Our pupils will also be entering a national Litter-acy poetry competition run by Keep Britain Tidy. Entries need to be handed into school by Friday 2nd March, which will be our litter picking day!
We are also looking at improving the recycling bins around school- look out for changes in your classroom soon!

Gardening Warriors
The Gardening Warriors are keeping an eye on our school garden and looking out for any green shoots that may appear over the coming weeks. They have also been making sure that the area has been kept tidy and making plans for an exciting gardening and green space project to be announced shortly- watch this space!
Autumn 2017
Shaftesbury has  now achieved the  SILVER Eco School award! Our Eco Warriors, staff and pupils have  worked hard to achieve this and now work to become a Green-Flag Eco-School in the future.
Thank you to last year's fantastic Eco Warriors: Naima, Martha, Marcel, Ellaf, Adam, Kayla, Mohammed, Airidas, Cheyenne, Patrycja, Ali, Akam and Julia. Their dedication helped us to begin our Eco School work and make our school and local environment a better and 'greener' place to work and live in!

Our 'green' work is expanding this year, so we have more Eco Warriors to work on saving energy, food and Fairtrade, gardening and biodiversity and recycling.
These are our new Eco Warriors:
Energy Warriors
Danila, Emmanuel, Jaylen, Amelia, Airidas, Jna, Mabroka, Ehsan and Mohammed

Litter and Recycling Warriors
Esme, Emmanuel, Julia, Martyn, Cheyenne, Fidian, Riley, Ellaf, Helen, Lara and Kayla

Food and Fairtrade Warriors
Ennas, Abdel, Bushra, Ethan, Chloe, Krzys and Cairio

Gardening and Biodiversity Warriors
Matilda, Katie, Amelia, Lena, Damon, Mohammed, Oliwia, Danute, Ben and Tamia

Look out for exciting things to come from our new Eco-Warriors!
If you have any ideas or suggestions for helping the school environment, please speak to your class' Eco Warriors.

At the end of last year, the Eco Warriors created an Eco-Code for our school.
The Eco Warriors presented this to the school in a special assembly and everyone took the 'pledge' to follow it, to make our school and local community a better and 'greener' place.

Last year, we focused on saving energy and improving biodiversity, which included an exciting gardening project.

Through school assemblies, the school newspaper and posters, the Eco Warriors were able to tell our school community about why it is important to save energy at school and at home, and ways that energy can be saved.
The Eco Warriors also placed labels on all the lights and plugs, informing what can be switched off when leaving a room and what needs to be left on. This has helped with our exciting 'Switch-Off' competition to see which class is the best at 'switching-off' and saving energy. Last year's winners were 6P! The 'Switch-Off' competition will begin again in October, when our new Eco Warriors have been chosen.
Less C02 School
Shaftesbury is now a Less C02 Ashden school. We work with local schools in a 'cluster' to look at different ways to reduce carbon emissions and save energy. Our Eco Warriors help to look at data and track energy use.

Community Tree Planting

In February, we took part in the community tree planting event held at Fullhurst Community College. Along with others, we helped to plant over 1000 trees! The trees will create habitats for wildlife and enhance the appearance of our local area. We are looking forward to seeing how they grow!

Our School Garden: We started work on our new school garden, as part of Shaftesbury 'Green Spaces'. Following a helpful grant from our community ward councillors, we were able to clear a plot of land on the school playground and plant a range of plants, including fruit and vegetable plants. These included sensory plants: lavender, rosemary and, lambs' ear and curry leaf plants to smell and feel, Phormium to hear, and a range of other plants to see.
We also planted strawberries, carrots, broad beans, potatoes and rhubarb.  
In July, we were able to harvest the strawberries and a crop of rhubarb. The Eco Warriors and Gardening Club had great fun learning how to cook a strawberry and rhubarb crumble- and had great fun eating it too!
After the summer holidays, we returned to find our school garden green and full of produce to harvest! Members of our Gardening Club have started to harvest the onions, runner beans and potatoes. These will be used to cook a curry for the whole school to enjoy during One World Week in October.

When you are at school next, why not have a look at the garden and have a look at what is growing?

East of England Farming Trip
In June, our Eco Warriors and members of the Gardening Club were able to go on a trip to the East of England Food and Farming day at the Peterborough Showground. We were able to learn about all things food and farming including: old and modern farming equipment, picking and packing Bartlett carrots and potatoes, thatching and dry stone walling and beekeeping and we got to see and learn about a range of farm animals, from alpacas to pigs. We were also able to watch ferret racing, shire horse racing and a falconry display.
If you have any ideas or wish to help improve the school and local environment,
please contact Ms Gowers, Mr Mawby or Mrs Corrigan.
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